Surakarta, also called the Solo or Solo, is a city located in the province of Central Java, Indonesia with a population of 503 421 people and a population density 13.636/km2 2010. City with an area of ​​44 km2 and is bordered by Boyolali Karanganyar District in the north, County and District Karanganyar Sukoharjo on the east and west, and Sukoharjo district in the south. The east side of town is bypassed Solo river. Together with Yogyakarta, Solo is the heir to the kingdom of Mataram were broken in 1755. Solo is a city famous for its batik, in solo as well as many interesting places, well if you have difficulty in determining the location of solo solo you can use the maps to facilitate the search for

descriptions of Solo

subdistrict                              5
Village                                   51
The total area of ​​                   44.03 km2
population                             503.421 

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